Thursday, December 4, 2014

November 25, 2014 - Initial oncologist visit.

I have always liked having a plan and a goal to meet so I was quite happy during our drive to the oncology office. As I was signing in, I suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline at the realization of my surroundings. I truly never thought I would be doing this - but then again, why not me? I sat down and felt my eyes moving from patient to patient and wondering about the location of their particular cancer. I saw different ones walking in with their blanket tucked beneath their arm headed to the chemo infusion room. After having worked dialysis, that was a sight all too familiar to me. I found myself remembering the movie "The Doctor" where William Hurt plays the role of a doctor turned patient. It's actually a very good movie, especially for healthcare workers. They call me back and do the dreaded mandatory weigh-in. Lol. As I am waiting for the doctor, I notice a sign on the wall that reads - LIVE every moment - LAUGH every day - LOVE beyond words. Wow!
A knock at the door and in walks Dr. William Mitchell who is a brilliant, compassionate, kind, patient and caring oncologist. He doesn't play when it comes to cancer. He leaves no stone unturned and shoots straight - exactly what I like and need. If there is such a thing as love and respect at first sight for a physician, I just experienced it! I was able to have an H&P, blood drawn and CT of abdomen, chest and pelvis all in one visit in his office today which is fantastic from a patient standpoint! Did I mention how efficient he and his staff are?! He then came back to the room carrying my films and a pack of M&Ms. He said we were going to the movies and the pack of M&Ms was our snack while we reviewed the CT films together! The laughter felt sooo good! As he was booting up his computer, I began to realize that I don't have to go home and play the terrible waiting game to get results. Waiting is the worse part. We reviewed the films together. He carefully and very slowly started at the top and went down and then went to the other side and then down the middle pointing out body parts as we were going. It was a great A&P refresher course for me! He then called the surgeon himself and my appointment is within a week! I left his office in disbelief that so much was accomplished in just one visit. I was certainly treated like royalty today! 
I received a call after I got home to tell me that he had already had my films officially read by a radiologist and there was no evidence of spread of disease anywhere but at the tumor site! 
This day turned out so well and I am so grateful for a good CT report. How can I complain about anything? Now onto the surgeon, surgery and port placement for chemo. Fear has officially moved out and faith has moved in. Let all God's people say Amen!



  1. I celebrate your good report. With a grateful heart, I join you in saying, "Amen!"

  2. So happy to read this report!!! My husband and I will be praying for you, but specially that God will keep this tumor contained. If there is anything else specific you let us know because we serve a great God who cares so very much for us!!

  3. Amen! I will continue to lift you in prayer. Thank you for sharing your story.