Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 11, 2014 - Day of Surgery

Nothing spells "sincerity" quite like a child's misspelled word on a get well card! Thank you to my sweet little Ava! I love the pink ribbon too - good job!
I see today as the start of leg #2 of my journey. We arrived at the hospital and signed in and I was soon called back to prepare for my double mastectomy with chemo port placement. My pre-op nurse was very gentle and soft spoken. She triple checked everything which made me feel even safer. An anesthesiologist came in to tell me about his wife. He said her breast cancer diagnosis, tumor size, clinical stage and surgeon were all identical to mine and she did fantastic and he then said "so will you!" He pushed my comfort level to an all time high! I saw him as my angel that morning. They then let Ricky come back to see me for a few minutes and then our minister came back. After a few minutes, the nurse notified us that the OR team was ready for me. I remember thinking "Great! all systems working and it's GO time!" They say all good surgery starts with a prayer so at that point David had us hold hands for prayer and as he was praying, the Versed hit causing me to fall quickly to sleep. What a wonderful way to be sent to the OR and my last remembrance before waking up in recovery three hours later! Talk about being sent somewhere on a wing and a prayer! lol.
I am now 48 hours out from surgery and doing well. My toughest time was the first night post-op. It was a painful and long night but I began turning the corner that morning and was discharged home at lunch time. I am happy to report I slept well last night only waking up once for a potty break!
My discharge instructions from Dr. Turk were to go home and do nothing but rest (no housework or cooking - always a bright side to everything)! I certainly plan to follow his orders and be a lady of leisure for however long it takes!!! Let me get back to resting! lol.

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