Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 6, 2014 - Just a bit of rainy day education.

This is just a reminder to please be compliant with yearly mammograms and monthly self breast exams. I had just had a screening mammogram, a diagnostic mammogram and an ultrasound in February of this year and was given the all clear. It was during my monthly exam that I discovered the small lump and immediately called my primary who immediately scheduled a diagnostic mammogram. There were no questions asked and I did not have to go in for an office visit. There are many advantages in being compliant with yearly visits with your physician. I am saying all of this to stress the importance of being diligent with your breast health. Be your own advocate. It may one day save your life through early detection. Peace out!


  1. Thank you for the reminder and the encouragement to do a monthly self exam. These are the most important "selfies"! <3 Kristin