Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November 19, 2014 - Biopsy results day.

We arrived for our 08:45 am appointment at the Imaging Center. We were escorted to an office by the breast health navigator. While she was gone to find the radiologist, I found myself studying the dimly lit room with dark colored furnishings and wishing there was light and brighter colors in the room. The radiologist entered the room along with the breast health navigator. After introducing herself to my husband, the radiologist made direct eye contact with me and said "you have a little cancer." Our eyes stayed fixed on each other until she said "well?" and I said with a smile "but you said little!" At 08:52 AM, my life as I knew it ended and my unexpected journey began.

I decided to go public with my breast cancer via blogging to all of my Facebook friends and others who may be interested. I blog because I love to write and find it very stimulating. The purpose of this blog is to spread breast cancer awareness and the need for early detection and the importance of practicing preventive healthcare. I think it will also prove to be a therapeutic distraction for me. Last but not least, I hope and pray it helps others as they begin their own journey. Please travel along with me as I blog my events and progress. All comments and kind and encouraging words are welcomed and will be greatly appreciated. But above all else, please keep me in your daily prayers.
You may find me at - alwayslookforthebrightside.blogspot.com.


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  2. I love you and have you in my prayers.

  3. My beautiful and inspiring aunt will win this battle and encourage others along her journey. <3

  4. Cancer has messed with the wrong lady! You've got this! Hugs and prayers.