Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 14, 2014 - Third Day Post-Op

It's all about the drains, about the drains, about the drains! lol. I am discovering that mandatory tasks are so much easier with humor. It's now my third day post-op. I woke up at 8am which is very late for me but then again I am being very compliant with doctor orders! lol. I get up wash hands, gather supplies and get busy with my four JP drains - clean and strip the drains, empty, measure and record output and clean reservoir tip and line tip before reconnecting. All four drains are cleaned, stripped, measured and recorded four times daily. It is a necessary and understandable task but nonetheless I call it evil! lol.
The highlight of my day is taking a shower. I started showering yesterday and it was the best shower of my life!  I attach my drains to a neck lanyard and enjoy the warm water as it flows over my battle scars and NO I will not be posting a "how to shower" picture. lol. I also use this time to inspect my incision line, the staples and suturing around the drain lines. It all looks clean without signs of infection. I am continuing to rest a lot - who am I fooling - I am having a real love affair with my bed! My bed has never felt so good! I have found the best way to carry my drains around is in an apron. Mine just happens to be a Home Depot handy dandy tool belt - hey it was free! lol. This is me as usual these days - resting!

It's been another great day without complications. The day ended at our daughter (Candy's) house with  barbecue cooked on the Green Egg - delicious and healthy! I received several unexpected gifts today including a double breasted sweater, two shoulder shirts ( all three have easy access to chemo port). I will definitely be "styling" at my chemotherapy sessions! lol. I also received my first chemo blanket with matching cozy socks, candy and homemade cookies and cakes. I am truly the most thankful person on the planet right now! God is Great and All is Good! If this keeps up, I may never need an antidepressant drug! lol.


  1. Just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you and sending prayers and well wishes for a quick recovery! Thanks for the updates! Love, K & W