Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Journey Before The Journey - Always Good Medicine!

We are here at James Island near Charleston (see the bridge in the picture) for the 25th anniversary of the "Festival of Lights." It is a spectacular display of over two million Christmas lights stretching over three miles! We were here last year and knew we would be coming back! We are in the motorhome and are staying inside the James Island County park so we are footsteps from the entire display. It's kind of like being at Disney and staying in Cinderella's castle! lol.The lights turn on at 5:30 each day and the whole forest comes alive with magic! Not being able to wait until 5:30, we tore off over there as soon as we arrived!

We immediately pass by a motorhome with "courage lives here" on the window. WOW - that was for me! It gets better - keep reading!
We stopped along the way to admire the local kids' artwork. I see this "Faith like a child - Jesus" and do a double take! WOW again - another sign for me! We decided to get away for a few days before surgery on Thursday morning but I guess "the journey" followed us. Wait a minute, I am the journey.


  1. I've added this festival to my bucket list. Enjoy the show ..and God's little love messages. <3

  2. Wanda, my brother and sister n law were there too in their motor home!!! They have 3 chiwawas (don't know how to spell it!) You didn't run into them did you??

    1. I remember seeing those 3 dogs! We saw her putting them in her car and they listened so well! That is a wonderful place to visit and site #43 is our favorite spot! The campground is in our top 10! Have you been there?