Friday, December 26, 2014

December 26, 2014 - Christmas on the Couch!

I am now two weeks out from surgery and continuing with lots of rest. My incision continues to heal nicely and is feeling a little better each day. I am still having to sleep on my back on a mountain of pillows with both arms in a "winged" position and I just "thought" I could only sleep on my left side! lol. 
In spite of surgery and a cancer diagnosis, Christmas still brought the same warm feelings that we all had as children. I think our hearts grow tender with childhood memories at Christmastime and may even make us a better person throughout the year. Christmas really does have a way of waving a magic wand over the world! Christmas is a time when some long to be a child again. The time as a child when all Christmas trees were 30 feet tall when looking up at them! The two best days of the year as a child were Christmas morning and the last day of school! As an adult, no matter how carefully you stored the Christmas lights last year, you still fight the tangled mess and half of them no longer work! lol. But we always manage to keep the appointment with Christmas! The picture above was created and painted by a very special eight year old girl named Ava, our youngest grandchild! It was such a great gift this Christmas! Gifts of "time" and "love" are the basic ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas! You know that glorious mess on the living room floor on Christmas morning - don't be too quick to clean it up!
The picture below shows our mantle that our special little Claire created and decorated all by herself. She spelled out the word "Christmas" using ornaments. If you notice between the letter I and the letter S, she hung an ornament that says "He Lives" which she made a few years ago in church. This in itself is the true meaning of Christmas - because HE LIVES - we live! 

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