Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 8, 2015 - My First Chemotherapy Session - Ready - Set - Go!

I woke up this morning actually excited to be starting my third leg of my journey today - game on! We chose to go to Dr. Mitchell's  location in the Physicians Plaza at Presby-Huntersville Hospital since it's very close and convenient to home. I have always called it the "Taj Mahal" of hospitals! lol. We arrived for our 10:30 am appointment and as I am signing in, I realize that I am not feeling any kind of rush of adrenaline. We are greeted by all smiling, courteous and professionally behaved staff. I cannot emphasize enough, how important this is from a patient standpoint. It reinforced to me that I am very deserving of their attention! We are then escorted to the infusion suite within five or so minutes by "Lisa"- a very nice lady who lets me "pick" my chair which gave me some control and of course I am thinking "Yes, I will be in charge!" Lol! As you can see from the above "selfie", Candy is doing "Mom chemo duty" while I am busy giving a thumbs-up!
This "sweetness" is Morgan who works here and at the Mallard Creek location. I was impressed with her friendly and kind ways. She went out of her way to help everyone in the room. Morgan strikes me as someone who knows how to look around the room and can see what needs to be done. In other words, not lazy. lol.
It is now time for my pre-meds and chemo infusion. Chad had welcomed us when we walked in but now he is at my chair ready to start my infusion. Chad impressed me from the get-go! He is extremely knowledgeable and competent which I personally look for in "my" nurse causing me to feel very safe! He is very calm and friendly and a big guy with a big heart! 
This is Dr. Mitchell. Candy worked for him for about ten years and they are always so glad to see each other! This is my third visit with him and he truly impresses me with his knowledge and his genuine concern for "me" as a patient. He is sooo cleverly funny! I LOVE his wit! I felt very comfortable just knowing he was around during my treatment. He checked on me at least five or six times during my infusion and before I left which was so reassuring from a "first-timer" patient standpoint and just a GREAT patient/physician relationship especially when dealing with cancer!

I would have never thought that I would ever feel a subcutaneous port in my chest, watch someone access it and then start "my" infusion. That is what I am thinking as I sit here looking up at my chemotherapy bag but then I realized what kind of absurd thinking that was on my part - Why not me?
This is me "resting" under my "special" blanket nearing the end of today's treatment. This has been a number "10" day from start to finish! I experienced no problems at all! I thank each and every one of you for your kind thoughts and the many many prayers! When faith has truly moved in - all fear moves out and that is the BEST part of my journey!


  1. So happy everything went well. Will keep you close to my heart and in my prayers this weekend!

    1. I thought about you yesterday when we were in your "neck of the woods" getting treatment. Thank you for your prayers and being "you"!

  2. keep on keepin on wanda you're doing great my thoughts and prayers continue to be with youđź’›