Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 29, 2015 - Chemotherapy Treatment Number Two!

I woke up actually excited to be going for my second chemo treatment. No, I am not insane, lol, I can and will explain further on down, just not now - pinky promise! Chelsey pulled the short straw and got "Mom" duty. Lol. I had a 10 am appointment and we left home without my chemo sign and of course we went back for it! I knew there would never be another "live" second chance for today. Chelsey spun her little Prius around without any arm twisting and we just went for it! We still arrived on time - Yay! As usual, we were called back within five minutes, drug to the scales, lol, and escorted to an exam room.
I knew I would be seeing Dr. Mitchell today before going back to the infusion center. This is Allison, P.A. for Southern Oncology Specialists, who came in first and reviewed my chart with us. She was so friendly, easily approachable, very smart and so eager to teach and share. I suspect she may very well be his right hand! As you can see, she is brains plus beauty inside and out! I bet she has never made a "bad" picture or even been in "time out!" lol.
Dr. Mitchell then joins us and I find myself wondering if the Zofran or his hug is more therapeutic! lol. Seriously, I feel I am in the most efficient, competent and caring hands with him and his staff. The staff are all a shining example of excellence "that rolls down from the top" and I am a very satisfied patient/customer!
We then go back to the infusion area and decide to sit at the front of the class. It had nothing to do with being the closest chair to the bathroom! lol. 
This sweet and special lady is Jeanette. We just happened to follow behind her when we were here for my first chemotherapy treatment. Candy and I were reading the directory for suite directions when we spotted Jeanette carrying a blanket, sporting a red cap and it was obvious she knew where she was going. We then looked at each other and said "follow her" - great little GPS and officially my "first chemo friend!"lol.
Today I am standing on the 25% line of my third leg of my journey and that was the reason for waking up excited! The excitement continued as my second chemotherapy day unfolded. I began to realize all of the many advantages of sitting at the front, not just being closest to the bathroom. lol. I walked to the nutritional area at the back to get a snack and at the same time was able to take a snack to another patient on my way back to my chair. My biggest surprise came when I saw my "first chemo friend Jeanette" making her way to the bathroom and I didn't even know she was here today! I took her picture and confessed the GPS incident to her! lol. I was also able to chat and mingle with several delightful patients including a gentleman with a new forearm fistula on his way to his nephrology visit. There just seemed to be an abundance of opportunities to interact with great patients with great stories! "Little things" are really becoming "big things" today on my journey!
I am at the 25% line and started seeing glimpses of the chemotherapy finish line today! I have crossed over the finish line in footraces before and they were always extremely fulfilling physically and mentally! Something tells me that even my half marathon finish will not "hold a candle" to this finish line victory! My unexpected journey is becoming more clear to me each day. "Thank you" to all of my readers and supporters! Please keep me in your kind thoughts, well wishes and above all your many, many prayers. I truly feel them all! 



  1. Help on keeping on. You are a shining light to others you continue to be in my prayers.

  2. You are a shining light to others. You are in my prayers.

    1. Thank you BettyAnn! I really appreciate you and your support!