Friday, January 16, 2015

January 15, 2015 - One Week Chemo Follow-up Bloodwork.

I woke up looking forward to having my bloodwork drawn today so I could see just how "I looked on paper!" I am just weird like that. lol. This is actually my first outing from the house since receiving chemotherapy last week. I am realizing a large part of "getting ready" now is dressing my head with all sorts of bling! lol.
I arrive for my appointment and am welcomed by Stacy (girl on left) who wears the prettiest smile and is so helpful. Lisa (girl in the middle) escorted me to the infusion center the first time and made me feel so comfortable. Sarah (girl on right) is the office manager and the "angel" who did same day scheduling for me to see Dr. Mitchell when Candy called her after my breast biopsy. Candy actually talked to her at 7:30 and I was signing in at 10:30 on the same day. This is just another reason why I cannot complain about anything. I then have my blood drawn and after a few minutes they provide me with a copy of my results and they are "perfect" labs! I am not a perfect person but for today I am "perfect on paper!" I am so thankful!
Ricky had slipped out to the Relax the Back store and bought me this four piece comfort set. I call it my "blogging barco-lounger!" lol. So here I am wearing Kristen and Wayne's "I Love Cruising" cap, reading "Crazy and Sexy Cancer Tips" a book sent to me by Gina and Craig Matherlee, waving to all of you guys and blogging away in comfort! It's all good!

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