Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 24, 2015 - My "Journey" Cards Have Arrived

It was only a few days after being diagnosed that I started blogging my unexpected journey with breast cancer. I have received only positive feedback and appreciate all of the many kind and thoughtful remarks from everyone. I have actually been overwhelmed with the response! I know first-hand how much reading about other people's experiences with their journey has helped me. I have had a lot of people ask me how to access my blog other than through Facebook and I never have pen or paper to write it down for them. So as always, I find myself searching for something to write with and then scrambling for a piece of paper. Lol. I have even resorted to scribbling with a magic marker on a brown paper towel! I am sure you get the visual and maybe can even relate to it! Lol. I know there has to be a better way so on goes my "thinking" cap! I remembered once having a supervisor who required me to have a business card. I shared that card with so many people in and out of the workplace. It proved to be a very useful tool especially working with patients and their family members. Yes, she was a very "smart" and proactive supervisor who taught me so much! Suddenly the "journey card" idea was born! I went straight to the "computer drawing board" and ordered them online. I needed a quick and convenient way to provide others access to my blog. I feel my "journey card" will provide easy access to a lot of useful and helpful information to others. I am learning there are a lot of people out there without any sort of support system and feel completely "alone" with their cancer. I am hoping my journey card will make it into a lot of these struggling and less fortunate hands. It's my way of "sharing and giving back" as I journey along! For all of you who may want to help by sharing, please send me your address and I will gladly mail you some journey cards!    


  1. Cool idea. I'll inbox you. I think of you a lot hope you're doing well as always I admire you so much you're a very strong woman with a very strong faith in God will get you through this I have no doubt

    1. I will mail them out on Monday! Thank you for all of your support BettyAnn! It means a lot to me!