Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 6, 2015 - GLM - "Girls Love Mail"

I received this letter while in the hospital from girlslovemail.com (a charity that collects hand written letters and gives them to women going through breast cancer treatment). It was hand delivered to me by the nurse navigator. What a wonderful and heartwarming surprise and it was obvious to me that it was written by a child which made it even more special! As I looked at it, I could just see little "Kayla" coloring in the hearts, drawing the happy sunshine and adding the butterfly sticker and being so "proud" of her work as she licked the envelope! I was so glad my letter came from a child! The world would be so much more fun if adults decorated with colored hearts, sunshines and shiny beautiful stickers! lol. 
I can remember as a child seeing my Mom's excitement whenever she received a letter from home (Alabama). She would always happily read them out loud. I only remember a letter bringing her to tears one time and she would not read it out loud. I never knew what that letter was about - perhaps she was homesick. As a child, I loved writing letters and receiving mail! My pen pal was from Oregon and we wrote back and forth on a regular basis for a couple of years. I also sent off for any kind of free information packet just to see mail addressed to me with my name in print! I was such a nerd! lol. 
Sending a letter is the next best thing to showing up personally at someone's door. Ink from your pen touches the paper, your fingers touch the paper and your saliva seals the envelope. When that person receives your letter, they can see your personality and hopefully hear your voice in their head as they read it. After all, it is just talk on paper! I encourage everyone to visit the website - girlslovemail.com and consider participating. Anyone at any age can get involved and make a difference in someone's life! It could be a great project for children, youth and adult groups. It would be a ministry in itself! Oh and don't forget the sparklies and stickers!
My letter is now my second souvenir of my journey!


  1. Love this post. Brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing it! Love Kristin

  2. Thank you for sharing your story of receiving a letter! I'm so glad the letter raised your spirits. I hope you don't mind me posting this on our Girls Love Mail Facebook page. Our letter writers love to hear how the letter are helping. Best wishes for your speedy recovery!

    1. I don't mind at all if you post it! I loved receiving the letter! Thank you and please keep up the good work!