Sunday, January 11, 2015

January 10, 2015 - No More "Bad Hair" Days For Me! Lol

I have always been very fond of my hair. I am fortunate to have very manageable and non thinning hair. It has often been described  as "shiny as a new penny" and just the "perfect" thickness and texture. So wouldn't you know I have to cut off my best asset - lol! Oh well, lose my hair or lose my life - definitely a no brainer for me! As soon as I heard "you have a little cancer", I immediately lost all fear of hair loss. I made my decision that very day to remove my hair as soon as I received my first chemo treatment, which I did. It was extremely important to me to be in control of my hair loss. I refused to look at it on my pillow or in the shower drain. It is my cancer, my hair and my decision. 
This is me after putting my hair into six ponytails. 
 This is Ava photo-bombing - silly girl! She and Claire then snipped off one ponytail each and Ricky snipped off the other four. He then used clippers on my entire head to finish the job. I have to admit the clippers felt and sounded so "good" as they came into contact with my scalp. It was a feeling I had never felt before. I suddenly thought back to one of the "Survivor" shows where the "roadblock" was to shave your head to advance toward the million dollars and remembering thinking I would not have shaved my head for the million dollars. lol. It was so easy for me to calmly sit there while being "scalped"! I had no dread or fear. Ricky stayed busy complimenting my "perfectly round" head as he was clipping and the girls were busy smiling and saying "looks good!" I thought yeah right - definitely a conspiracy going on here! lol.
These are the hair clippings that I watched fall off my shoulders and down my chest. It felt so good to be moving on with an inevitable part of my journey!
 I immediately put on my cap and quickly realized it was very "hot and sweaty" but I didn't think I could comfortably take it off in front of others so I chose to suffer in silence. Chelsey noticed and said "just take it off, you don't have to wear it." That was my permission and off it came and I "Rocked" the bald! It's my cancer and my bald! lol. My advice to anyone facing hair loss is to just do it! Don't dwell and think about it too long. Make a decision, come up with a plan and move on and never look back! I have never enjoyed a shower the way I did that night. It felt so good that I could not wait until the next morning to shower again and dry my head with a washcloth in one single swipe! lol. I now see why men love showers! I can best describe my hair loss as "liberating" at its finest!
These are some caps that Chelsey started crocheting as soon as I was diagnosed. Of course they are my favorites!
The above caps with scarves are when I am feeling fancy! lol. I ordered these through TLC-Direct online - highly recommended!
I picked out these two free caps from a basket at my chemo infusion clinic compliments of Grace Covenant Church. This is a ministry in itself! I was genuinely excited to pick mine out! I am continuing to see the handiwork of so many people behind the scenes along this journey. There are so many great people in this world and I am so blessed to get to cross paths with so many! My journey is truly one of "peace that passeth all understanding." Please continue to travel along.
And this is still me - the same person! As Ava so nicely said when we finished up "You lost your hair Mimi, but your personality is the same!"


  1. Just Wow! Staying in control. Yes still lovely from the inside out!!

  2. Hi, Mimi! You are INDEED rockin' the bald! Oh, that sweet just-tell-it-as-it-is comment from Ava at the end of your post brought tears to my eyes ... tears of joy for her support of you and for your strength and positiveness. Keep rockin'!
    Tracey @ The Kitchen is My Playground (aka: Mrs. Harrelson)