Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 22, 2015 - RVing After Chemotherapy.

My next appointment with Dr. Mitchell is not until April 2, so off we go! We head for Huntington Beach State Park to enjoy its 2500 acres on foot and on bicycle!
We did manage to get out of Mount Holly before stopping for lunch. lol. We pulled over at one of our favorite places to stop for lunch when in this area. It has a large open area with easy in and easy out access to I-95. As I sit here having lunch and looking out the RV window, I realize just how grateful and thankful I am for this view complete with a Subway sandwich and of course a Little Debbie raisin cake! I can't leave home without her! lol.
After lunch, we get back on the road with about an hour of driving time to go. Next stop site #98 at Huntington Beach State Park!
  We are here! The rain on the windshield doesn't bother us at all!
Over the bridge inside the park headed to the campground! The view of water on both sides is just beautiful! Now to find our site and set up camp!
Our first day started out well and ended well. We met our neighbors who are a really nice couple from Ontario, Canada. They have been here for four weeks. We love being here and being able to leisurely look out over the water as the day ends. Life truly is a journey - not a race. 
I am ending this blog entry with a thank you card that I made for all of my blog readers, locally and internationally. The pink side of the card lists the countries of my readers while the white side shows "thank you" in different languages. Thank you to everyone everywhere for reading and journeying along with me! This has been a day of thankfulness for me. As I end, we are enjoying a sound that you cannot buy in any five star hotel. Its the wonderful sound of "pouring down rain" in an RV when it's bedtime! Good night and sweet dreams! All is good.


  1. Woohoo! Reading this put a big smile on my face. I'm so happy that you are out traveling. Carpe diem! Thank you for all the things you teach me big and small. You have a special place in my heart! :) Kristin

  2. Oh Kristin you are way too kind! I love and appreciate you so much!