Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 12, 2015 - My Last Chemotherapy Treatment.

As I head down this hallway today for my last chemo, I can't decide if I should walk, run or cartwheel! Lol. I walked but I was certainly "high-stepping" it! Lol. I signed in and as usual was called back within a couple of minutes. 
This is Morgan accessing my port for this last treatment. The staff here are always so kind, sweet and have such a gentle touch.
I am wearing a special pink ribbon ring with a pink ribbon top that were given to me by Kaitlin and Donna Small that I had been saving until today! This blanket given to me from "Ma and Pa" has been with me since the first treatment and will be another souvenir of my journey. I decided to do my sign on pink paper today rather than on white "because I can!" Lol.
 This is me acting silly for the camera! Lol.
Chelsey brought me lunch from Groucho's Deli. It was a delicious tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat with fresh lettuce and tomato! This was the best deli sandwich I have ever eaten! I highly recommend Groucho's Deli! For those who are looking to help someone on chemo, deliver lunch to them during their treatment. They will appreciate it so much. This was always the highlight of my treatment! 
Today was another rewarding day for me at chemo. I made new friends with Marilyn, Jane, Rose and Nancy and chatted again with Dianne. As I look up at my last drug dripping in, I began to think about my journey and all the different people I have met in these twelve weeks and feel every path was crossed for a reason. I can only hope that I said or did something to help them as much as they have helped me.
As I look back at my signs, it's all good. To all of my readers, thank you so much for your gifts, your kind thoughts and comments, your loyalty and above all else your many prayers. Please continue to pray for me as I continue onto the next leg of "my unexpected journey."


  1. Woohoo! So happy for you to be finished with chemo. :) You continue to inspire. <3 Kristin