Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 28, 2015 - Breast Reconstruction Day!

I have always and still do feel that beauty is on the inside, not on the outside. My plan was to be flat and fabulous! lol. I struggled with the decision to reconstruct but after four months of "stuffing," I was more than ready! lol. Once I decided to go forth with breast reconstruction, it immediately fell into place. I met my wonderful and fantastic plastic surgeon on a Wednesday and surgery was scheduled for the following Tuesday!
We arrived at Novant Ballantyne Surgery Center and were immediately made to feel so comfortable and welcomed by the staff! While I was in the pre-op area, the surgery and the recovery nurses that had been assigned to my case came and introduced themselves and told me exactly what they would be doing for me. I also met my CRNA and anesthesiologist and of course my surgeon came by wearing a special surgery cap with pink ribbons on it!  These "small" gestures are really a "big deal" from a patient's view. I was completely relaxed and without dread when I was rolled into the OR.
The surgery lasted two hours and then onto the recovery room. I woke up to a delicious red can of real Coke! lol. While I was in recovery, my pre-op nurses, surgery nurses, CRNA and anesthesiologist re-visited me. It was definitely a "red carpet" day for me at Novant Ballantyne and I highly recommend this location! 
I left here thanking God for a successful surgery and for all the helpful people I met on my unexpected journey today!

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