Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 5, 2015 - Spring Break With Family in Pisgah Forest!

This is me standing in front of Moore's Cove Waterfall showing off my "journey" souvenir bracelet! It was the second day of our trip when I found this at the Brevard Belk store. It was marked down to half price and screaming my name! lol. I am definitely adding this to my journey collection!
Eleven of us decided to spend Spring break at Candy and Larry's log cabin in the beautiful land of waterfalls in Transylvania County! The cabin is located high in the Pisgah Forest and the view is magnificent from start to finish!
 We drove the RV and as you can see it is a long and steep driveway up to the cabin. Chicken Little here walked up as Ricky bravely drove to the cabin and also walked down the drive when it was time to leave! lol.
Here we are all set up. Ricky made maneuvering and parking look easy-peasy!
As I look out our bedroom window, I see this spectacular view! The   emerald green color is so pleasing to the eye and at the same time forces one to pull up a chair and rest for awhile. Resting while enjoying nature and watching the clouds float across the sky is by no means a waste of time. This proved to be a great view for drinking our early morning cup of coffee too! There was a gentle breeze all week and I am sure the wind was longing to play in my hair! lol.
This is a picture of the llama farm down the street. Llamas must be fairly social animals because they would always come "galloping" to the fence when we were out walking. As you can see, the cabin is surrounded by all of this beautiful green color!
The girls enjoyed their daily visits to the goat farm across the street from the cabin. Ava is holding "Whitley" who always insisted on nibbling on her hair! lol. Rubber boots are a "must" on a goat farm! The owners, Cindy and Eddie, even let them help feed the goats!
  This is Claire holding one of the eight baby goats. They loved spending time with the goats and learning how to care for them.
The cabin also has a creek out front. BooBoo enjoyed roaming the banks and getting his feet wet.
Ricky and the boys enjoyed spending time fishing from the creek bank. They look pretty serious in this picture though! lol.
Cole's "catch of the day" was a tiny rainbow trout! lol.
This is a picture of the goat farm across the street. Just cross the bridge over the creek! The farmers appear to know the secret of being happy and relaxed! Could it be living the simple life and knowing that being "rich" is having what money can't buy??
This is one of the waterfalls at Moore's Cove - beautiful!
BooBoo enjoyed the hikes with Claire to the different waterfalls too!
Photographer Candy caught me "adjusting" my wig! lol. Thank God for wigs and head covers!
This picture was taken on a covered bridge enroute to Bridal Veil Falls. They were a group of about eight or nine riders. Pretty horses!
This is another picture of the covered bridge. I found myself remembering Clint Eastwood and "The Bridges of Madison County" movie. Of course, as always the book was better.
 As I am looking through the trees at Bridal Veil Falls, I remind myself that all waterfalls are God's beautiful artwork! 
This is another picture of Bridal Veil Falls. Water is so easy on the eyes and the ears!
Candy and Larry were able to finish remodeling the cabin kitchen this trip! They started by putting in a new hand scraped hickory hardwood floor that has a pretty "rippled" effect. After realizing a cabin can be a little tricky to remodel and decorate, they decided to mix their colors of wood and replace the fixtures with a more rustic look. Oh no, I am beginning to realize that I have watched way too much HGTV! lol.  
Larry made the bar top from a slab of black walnut that he finished by hand. He bought it from Kyle at "The Sawmill" in Iron Station. They both highly recommend Kyle and The Sawmill! He put two pieces of metal on the front for the finishing touch! 
I feel all eleven of us had a great time together and made a lot of priceless memories! I highly recommend visiting Brevard and "the land of waterfalls" to everyone!

Next up - removal of chemo port! 


  1. Enjoyed your journey through the mtns. We love that area. Daryl and I have swam in the waterfall pools. Too cold for you I suspect.

    1. Too cold this time of year but feel great during summer!

  2. As always, really enjoyed reading your post. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! <3 Kristin

  3. Love! Especially the next chapter of removing the chemo port! Yay!