Monday, April 13, 2015

April 2, 2015 - Three Week Follow-up Visit After Chemo Completion.

It has been three weeks since completing chemotherapy and I am scheduled to see Dr. Mitchell today at 11am. I sign in and almost immediately am called back to a room. The efficiency here has certainly spoiled me for any other office. lol. 
My visit went extremely well today with lots of "hands on" teaching and instructions for doing self chest and lymph node  exams for possible signs of recurrence. His plans are to see me every three months and prn if needed. As I sat there listening, I began to realize that I never dreaded coming in for chemo, coming in for a Neulasta injection, coming in for lab draws or coming to see him for a visit. I always enjoyed interacting with the staff and the other patients. I never saw the surgery and the chemotherapy in a negative or fearful light, but as what I "needed" to treat my condition. My next appointment will be on July 2. Gee.... I hope I don't get separation anxiety! lol. 
As I leave today, I am 100% filled with thankfulness and gratitude as I think back to that dark radiology room on November 19 (breast biopsy results day). Later that day was when God gave me that "peace that passeth all understanding" by assuring and reminding me that He would go with me through this. Today, my chest exam is negative and my tumor markers are within normal limits. I have no evidence of disease in my body. I plan to continue to be 100% compliant with all doctors' orders, be very diligent with self exams, and stay alert for any reportable symptoms. I also plan to continue to live and travel positively knowing that the "Great Physician" is on this unexpected journey with me!
Once again, thank you to everyone who has followed along and  whispered a prayer or had a kind thought for me. I felt and appreciated all of them!  
Next up - Spring break with family!!


  1. I have always known beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would beat this horrific milestone in your life. You're awesome. And God has got your back.!!!

  2. Thank you BettyAnn! Keep up your awesome Hospice work!