Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 21, 2015 - Saying Farewell to My "Purple Heart" Chemotherapy Port!

This is my chemotherapy port that had been with me since December 11. I love that it is colored purple and in the shape of a heart! It certainly served its purpose by working well each and every time, thus avoiding arm sticks. However, it is time to bid farewell!
I signed into Dr. Turk's office at 2:15 and was taken on back to a treatment room for removal of my chemo port. As always, the staff were courteous, caring, efficient and mindful of the patient's time. Never having to "wait" is just another reason I love coming here! As I am getting undressed, I think back to my first appointment with Dr. Turk on December 2.  I was immediately at ease with him and trusted him completely to do my surgery. He was so understanding and moved swiftly to get me on the OR schedule.  I can't believe I am here for port removal today. The time has passed so quickly. 
This is Vicki, Dr. Turk's nurse. She is always pleasant, helpful and beaming with a smile! She was also very helpful in getting my December surgery scheduled.
 This is the tray once Dr. Turk finished. The port removal was quick and painless. He is such a wonderful and skilled surgeon and part of my unexpected journey.
 Here I am in my lovely pink paper top taking a selfie with my favorite surgical nurse, Vicki! lol. Today was a BIG day! 
My unexpected journey has led me into many different places, crossed paths with so many fantastic people and has given me so many "warm fuzzies" and fond memories! I overwhelm myself when I look back and remember the many faces along the way on my unexpected journey. I am so thankful for my blog and hope it helps others as much as it helps me! 

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  1. Yay. I know you're glad to get that our even if it was a pretty purple heart shaped port. 😃