Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May, 2015 - Breast Cancer Six Months Later. A Time of Reflection.

It has now been six months since my breast cancer diagnosis. We were at Cascade Lake when I found the lump in my breast and six months later we have returned. As night is falling around the campfire, I began to think and reflect on the happenings since our last visit here. Bilateral mastectomy, port placement, scans, biopsies, chemotherapy, numerous blood draws, genetic testing, Neulasta injections, six visits with my surgeon, fifteen visits with my oncologist, breast reconstruction surgery, seven visits with my plastic surgeon and two more surgeries to go and I am completely amazed and blown away with the competence, kindness and compassion of every healthcare worker who has had a part in my care. I never dreaded or feared any of my visits. From day one, I have received VIP red carpet treatment. These six months have passed so quickly!
I get to say goodbye a second time to these evil drains! How would you like to run into this in the Walmart aisle? lol. I actually loved my Home Depot apron.
My hair has returned so I can say goodbye to the scarves, wig, caps, hats and all of the hair paraphernalia that I used to adorn my  head. When I look at this, I don't see an ugly bald head. I see the most wonderful memories of the most wonderful people! I am so thankful for every step of my unexpected journey!
Ricky and I can say hello again to hiking! We have never been so happy and thrilled to pay our 40.00 for our yearly parking pass at the Whitewater Center! We have certainly missed these trails!
As we leave the forest, I leave with a very grateful and thankful heart. It has been a great week of reflection and almost surreal at times. A cancer diagnosis really puts life into a whole new awareness unlike anything I have ever experienced before. 
 This bracelet is a gift from Chelsey and I think it sums up my life completely! 
Thank you to everyone who has said a prayer for me and my family or had a kind thought. Please continue to pray as I continue on my unexpected journey. 

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