Monday, June 8, 2015

June 4, 2015 - "Living on the Sand" Gamble Rogers at Flagler Beach!

This picture was taken from inside of our RV at site #12 at Gamble Rogers State Park at Flagler Beach. It was a spectacular view and it was all ours while we were there! We actually parked and set up in the sand - a first for us! There was a wonderful and constant breeze which kept us outside all day long! The sounds of the ocean took the place of any kind of music! Mother Nature's sounds are way better and especially at night! 
We spent lots of hours under this awning just enjoying our surroundings! Watching the ocean and constantly feeling the breezes made great companions!
It was a small gated one of a kind ocean front campground. Talk about having your toes in the sand - it doesn't get any better than this! Once we passed through that gate, we knew we would not pass through again except to leave!  
This is Dwight, our fantastic camp host! He rakes each site as they become empty. He and his wife are from Georgia and are just "salt of the earth" kind of people! He sort of reminded me of Barney Fife when he made his hourly golf cart rounds! lol.
The park also has a very nice boat dock, kayak rentals and fishing areas across from the camping section!
Sunsets were not to be missed! People actually stood on top of their RVs trying to get that perfect picture!
Here is another gorgeous day ending over a beautiful chunk of God's earth!

This is Ricky doing the dirty work! lol. Living on the sand  provides you with water and electricity - no sewer. As long as he doesn't mind doing it, I don't have a problem not volunteering to learn this part! lol.
This is us leaving Gamble Rogers. It has been a wonderful trip "living on the sand!" We definitely give this campground five stars and will return! This was my first trip without a wig or scarf on my head and I must say the constant breeze on my quarter inch buzz cut hair was absolutely exhilarating - almost as good as my twice a day showers!! 
On to Anastasia Island and St. Augustine!  

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