Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 26, 2015 - One Week Labs Following Third Chemo Session.

I decided to start with a picture of my three cheerleaders - Ava, Claire and Kaitlin with their snowman! All three are real sweeties!
            I arrived at Dr. Mitchell's office and as usual in her friendly fashion, Stacy told me to go on back to the infusion suite to have my blood drawn. As a patient, it is always so nice to be greeted with a smile! I said hello to the others and we briefly chatted about  the snow. I made my way into the suite and immediately see my "first" chemo friend, Jeanette! We were so excited and happy to see each other again! Jeanette, if you are reading this, you looked very pretty in your red cap with matching red lipstick today!
After Holly draws my blood, she hands it off to Frank (pictured above). Frank is cheerful, funny and very witty. Frank is always in the lab. He runs all in house samples, maintains all lab and machine equipment and is responsible for all quality controls. I bet he stays busy doing a great job!
And this is me, happy with my visit today, happy to see Jeanette today, happy for all of the office smiles today, happy to still be feeling so well, happy for "perfect on paper" lab results and happy for all of the prayers and support of all of my readers!


  1. You kook great. Im glad all is going well. Keep in keeping on sweet lady. !💟💝