Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 9, 2015 - Journey of Laughter

It has now been eight weeks since my double mastectomy and I have two of my four chemo treatments under my belt! I am so excited to be returning to my weights and my upper body work-out routine! My chest and upper body is completely healed and is screaming "pick up the weights and let's sweat and play!" lol. Skull crushers and overhead presses never felt so good as they did today! Yes they hurt but I liked it! lol. Oh to be able to say that I am flat and fabulous but with a magnificent set of guns! lol. 
The weights and working out goes hand in hand with healthy eating. Proper nutrition plays a major role during chemotherapy. I have added more iron enriched foods to my diet hoping to maintain my good hemoglobin. Note the iron enriched Bloody Mary AKA tomato juice! lol
 My biggest "iron friend" is a bowl of cornflakes. One cup of cornflakes provides 45% of my daily iron needs. Add some fruit and skim milk and all is good! I think I have eaten enough cornflakes to warrant putting my picture on the front of the box! Yes it is time for me to write Mr. Kellogg! lol.
Baby oil is another one my my new "best friends" I have collected! I had read that my heels may start to crack while on chemo treatments, which they did. I apply a generous amount of baby oil to the bottoms of my feet after my morning shower and I have no cracking around my heels at all. The bottoms of my feet have never been so smooth and felt so good to the touch! I may always continue with this daily routine! Maybe it is time for me to write Mr. Johnson & Johnson too! lol.
 This is yesterday morning on our way to church. I never thought I would be wrapping my head in pink polka dots, adorning myself with a big pink flower with a hanging shiny pink trinket looped around it and going out in public! The whole time I am thinking I sure hope those church people are not allergic to pink! lol. This journey gets funnier every time I look in the mirror! lol.

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