Friday, February 20, 2015

February 19, 2015 - Chemotherapy Session Number Three.

I am officially halfway through my chemo cycles and so excited that I am about to POP! Cheerleader Claire came to the house bright and early this morning to tie my scarf which she loves to do!  I decided to decorate my sign with "hearts" since it's February and the striped material across the bottom is a leftover Christmas ribbon. Can you tell I love the color red? lol. Ricky took me to my treatment but then left to go run errands and do a little house cleaning. I love a clean house especially if someone else is doing the cleaning. lol.
After seeing Dr. Mitchell, I go back to the infusion suite to get the poisons infusing. lol. This is Chad accessing my port while Morgan and I make him laugh! The time really went by quickly today. I met three really nice patients today. Two were from Gaston County and one was from Lincoln County. The two ladies were both named Dianne and both spelled their name using two n's. I have a sister named Dianne and have always thought she was the only one with two n's - silly me! I had such a great time listening to  one of the ladies tell me of her journey. She had courage beyond measure and had such a sweet and positive spirit despite her many struggles. I am so glad our paths crossed.
Candy then comes in bringing me herb grilled chicken with sherry mushroom cream, roasted garlic mashed potatoes and a red radish garden salad. It was an absolutely delicious chemo lunch! Yum!
This is a cookie made by a patient who had finished her chemo treatments. She left some for the staff to share with others! She really did a nice job! My journey is allowing me to see so many people helping others with their handiwork and kindness. 
We then finish up and say our goodbyes until I come back for my one week follow up labs.
This is me on the way home feeling good and oh so thankful. One more treatment left and I am still so excited I am about to POP!
After I get home, Chelsey comes in surprising Ricky and me with homemade chili beans with corn chips and Candy comes in with homemade chicken noodle soup with corn muffins! It's really been a great day spending it with great patients and great staff and it's great to come home to a supportive family who loves us with not one but two dinner entrees! It has really been a wonderful day! Again, thank you to everyone for all of your many cards, kind wishes and prayers. I thank God every day for journeying with me and for all of the support from all of you readers.

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