Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 4, 2015 - Labor Day Family Trip! ( Includes "Pretty Place" )

Ten of us decided to celebrate Labor Day together at Candy and Larry's log cabin in the Pisgah Forest! The "ten" includes Foxy the "boss lady" and King BooBoo! lol. Ricky and I brought Ava and Claire with us in the RV.
It was a pleasant two hour ride with the help of their electronics!
We arrive and Ricky backs up the hill as Larry waves and directs him onto our site with full hook-up and the price is unbeatable! lol
There we are at the top of that very long and steep driveway for the next seven nights! The view is absolutely spectacular any time of the year and you get a work out every time you climb the driveway!
Their log cabin sits high on the mountain surrounded by lots of trees and flowering bushes! It is in an excellent and beautiful location and convenient to the town of Brevard, which we love!
The cabin is very nicely tucked away and naturally air conditioned by the many surrounding shade trees. What a great sleep!
We enjoyed a lot of coffee as we rocked the mornings away on the front porch! I love porches and the bigger the better!

Ava and Claire played a lot of "I Spy" in those same rockers! If you look closely, you can see our RV down below. It is really a great RV site for us when we are in that neck of the woods, which is quite often! It was also fun watching the sunset from the porch too!

This bridge crosses over the creek that is in the front yard of the cabin. We sat in lawn chairs on the bank and in the creek while the girls had their own waterpark with a boot full of cold water! See the beautiful sky and all of the green!
Chelsey and Chad joined us later in the weekend and off we went to Whaleback and Coontree for cold water fun!
There are so many beautiful watering holes in Transylvania County! We all had such a wonderful family trip but way too short. Ricky and I had decided we would stay for a few more days after they left since school and work didn't call our names! lol   
Ricky and I decided to go visit "Pretty Place" which is only seventeen miles from the cabin. We were so excited to finally get to see the place that we had heard so much about! It was such a beautiful drive on Solomon Jones Road that leads to the well known and very popular chapel!
This is a place that you see and feel at the same time! Despite the cloudy day, it was easily the prettiest place we had ever seen!
The cross and the background was mesmerizing! I can only imagine the view on a clear day!
Someone had left two beautiful red roses at the foot of the cross. 

This chapel is reserved almost every weekend for weddings and what a beautiful ceremony that would be!
This hangs at the entrance to the chapel.
There were numerous plaques inside the chapel all in memory of a loved one. This particular one was my favorite. We will definitely return to Pretty Place on a clear day. I highly recommend Pretty Place to everyone! It will not disappoint! We thoroughly enjoyed every second of our visit here! What a pretty place, hence the name!
Oh how wonderful, oh how marvelous is His love for us!

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