Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 16, 2015 - RVing to Devils Fork on Lake Jocassee

My surgery will not be until September so we decided to load up and  go to Devils Fork State Park on beautiful Lake Jocassee! This park was highly recommended to us by several fellow campers so we were pretty excited to get there. We love "trying out" new places and seeing new faces and it was only 134 miles away!
 This is the gorgeous Lake Jocassee and we were not disappointed!
Check-in was quick and simple and we were soon set up on site #6. Our site was large, level, paved and next door to the bath house! We brought our canoe and tubes knowing we would be spending a lot of time in the water! Sweet little Ava came along with us and will stay a couple of nights before Chelsey comes for her! 
The campground was beautiful with lots of shade trees and gorgeous water views. There are two big paved loops with one way traffic and no dust! lol. The rangers are very friendly, helpful and make frequent rounds throughout the campground. Each campsite is large and will accommodate your camper plus two tents. All RV sites have electric and water for $23 per night for non South Carolina residents. We had easy access to this enormous lake and were able to stay a week for $161 - not bad!
This is the main dock in the park and is very busy especially on the weekends. It is well constructed, large, pretty and fun to walk out on it and just take in some of the lake's beauty! 
This is the "camper preferred" floating dock in the park that we always used. It is not as busy and closer to our site.
Ava and Papaw Ricky did a lot of canoeing. Ava has had a lot of experience kayaking and was delighted to show off her skills today! 
The lake is also a great place for paddle boarding. This lady was always on the lake with her dog quietly riding along with her!
Ava was fascinated with the lake's clear water. Papaw Ricky taught her how to "skip" the rocks on the water this trip! She loved going under water to collect the rocks over and over and over and over.....

The beach and swimming area is roped off to protect the swimmers from boats. Beautiful beach!
The beach is small but the water is cool, refreshing and ideal for "floating" all day long. It is a very popular spot for families with children, dogs and picnics!
Ava learned to balance really well on the tube! Ricky and I definitely passed on that! lol.
There's only one thing better than one PB&J and that is two PB&Js! lol.
Chelsey came for Ava but they did not leave before visiting the floating dock and giving her Mom a tour of the campground!
This is called "jumping" rock and is located in the tent section of the campground. You can jump off of it into clear and beautiful water!
I took this picture while standing on the "jumping" rock!
This is why they call Lake Jocassee South Carolina's Caribbean! I took this picture in the area near the "jumping" rock.
There were several small beaches scattered around the water's edge at the campground. Campers who brought boats were able to dock and walk to their campsite just steps away! This campground is ideal for boat lovers!
This is Whitewater Falls on the lake. The waterfall's top starts in North Carolina and ends in South Carolina - interesting!
This is Lake Jocassee from a distance. Absolutely breathtaking!
The more we explored, the more beauty we found at every turn in the campground! It's a great place for getting lots of activity walking when not busy on the water!
Beautiful at dusk too! Water gets so pretty as the sun begins to say good-bye!
It was a great lake for catching bass and Ricky was certainly in his happy place! lol.
BooBoo (who always runs from water) decided to go for a swim! This may have been the "high" point of the trip! See the clear water! 
Our week at Lake Jocassee is over and we are on our way home. BooBoo is sleeping soundly as Ricky drives. I guess it was all of the swimming! lol. 
We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Devils Fork State Park and highly recommend it to anyone who loves camping near water! The  campground is in the woods and well shaded. Site #41 is the most popular campsite. It is closest to the water with a magnificent view!  The nearest grocery store was eighteen miles away so of course we stocked up the one time we went. That may be a negative for some but at the same time would be a positive for others. 
We leave here today thanking God for another fun and safe journey!


  1. Thank you for the blog post! I really enjoyed reading it. Have to add another camp ground to our list! :) Kristin

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Kristin! Thank you for all of your support!