Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6, 2015 - Time for CT Scans - Just Say No to Scanxiety! lol.

I never really understood "scanxiety" until now! lol. I had absolutely no hesitancy with my initial scan. I needed a diagnosis and a plan of action. I left the office that day with a surgical appointment and had a double mastectomy within two weeks. Thank you Dr. Mitchell for acting swiftly and getting me the care I needed without the unnecessary waiting.
It has now been three months since I completed chemotherapy and seven months since my initial scan. My scan was scheduled at Dr. Mitchell's Mallard Creek location. I had only been to this office once and that was on the day when my life as I knew it changed forever, November 25, 2014. I had a feeling of dread as we pulled into the parking lot. It wasn't because I had just finished drinking 16 ounces of lovely chocolate flavored chalk, also known as contrast! lol. I almost felt like I was returning to the place where the "crime" had occurred. Fortunately that feeling disappeared as soon as I was kindly greeted by name! 
Those are my feet just before entering the scanner. My IV was in place and the dye had been injected. I had gotten that brief feeling of warmth and 35 seconds later the bed is beginning to slowly move forward. I am watching the numbers changing and the circular bands starting to light up which was actually a little frightening. I began to remember and think about what Pastor Jerry said in a prayer. He said Lord please bend down and lend me your ear. I closed my eyes and prayed Lord please lend me your ear, look into this scanner and keep me safe. I felt immediate peace and power over this scanner experience! I opened my eyes and watched the red bands of lights go round and round.  All was good and no  "scanxiety!"
This is Brian who performed my scan both times. I call him "poker" face Brian. I asked him if he saw anything abnormal while I am trying my best to read his facial expressions but without success. Brian seems to be very efficient and a super nice guy who does an excellent job with maintaining his "poker" face! lol.
Dr Mitchell's office called me this morning with my scan results. My scan was negative for any signs of cancer! Praise God and bless His Holy name for my unexpected journey!

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