Friday, January 20, 2017

September, 2016 - Final Leg of RVing the Florida Keys - Bahia Honda State Park.

 We were popping with excitement when we arrived at Bahia Honda (pronounced "buy a honda") and I bet you can see why! We were so happy to have reservations for two weeks! This is Florida's number one sought after state park and there is not a bad seat in the house, meaning every campsite is great!
This is just one of the beautiful eye popping campsites to call home!
We had a water view site with shade and about a 30 second walk to the water! Home remarkable home!!
BooBoo quickly made friends hoping to find his friend "Foxy" among the smaller dogs.
The park has lots of trails for walking/bicycling so we were able to get lots of daily exercise. 
We fell in love with the beach and its shallow crystal clear water!
We sat for hours under the trees enjoying being "fanned" by their continuous and gentle breeze! Two weeks here was just not long enough!
Absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous! There is not an adjective strong enough to describe her beauty!
If it is possible to "miss" a tree, I miss this tree! 
We would ride our bicycles and find a new place to fall in love with each day inside of the park!
Ricky ended every day catching our dinner from this bridge which was about a two minute walk from our campsite! The water was smooth as glass at times!
Note the mirror on the motorhome - what an unforgettable view!
 There is Ricky doing his favorite thing at his favorite place!
And I hope he keeps doing his favorite thing!
Sunset at one of the most beautiful places on the planet and this is why we travel! Don't miss out - go - run don't walk!

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