Friday, August 5, 2016

July 9, 2016 - Fourteen Nights on The Oasis of the Seas with Grands!!

We decided to take Ava and Claire on a fourteen day summer cruise on the Oasis of the Seas! We drove to Florida so we left a day early, stopping at the Marriott in Melbourne. All four of us were ready for a break from the car and looking so forward to a nice sit down dinner and a good night's sleep! 
 These two girls drug us to Moe's! lol. Not exactly what we had in mind. 
We had a good night's sleep and after breakfast and a couple of hours of driving, we were in beautiful Fort Lauderdale and so ready to get onboard!
There she sits in all of her gigantic glory! She is an unbelievable beauty!
We had two connecting balcony cabins on deck 12 overlooking Central Park. It was an ideal location close to the sports deck and food! It was also very quiet making it impossible to get up before 10:30 each morning! 
They spent many hours of many days flow-riding and wiping out!
Zip-lining across the ship and being fifteen stories high was so much fun!
 This is your view while zip-lining if looking down! Wow!
There are so many fun and active activities on the Oasis including wall climbing!
Ice skating in Studio B was always a nice break from the water. Ava needed a little help tightening up her skates from "Pop" Ricky but that's just one of the many things "Pop" Ricky does well!
The girls went to a daily art class in Imagination Studio and then onto the Science Lab for volcano making and other hands on experiments requiring them to wear white lab coats and goggles! Royal Caribbean has a real winner with Oasis and its many venues for the "little" people!
The Oasis has a boardwalk area complete with a carousel and home to afternoon family festivals. Several games are provided including jumping rope and ring toss. Hotdogs, ice cream and candy are always available all day in this area of the ship!
The Oasis boasts several different pools with lots of seating eliminating the need for people to be "chair hogs." The girls also enjoyed late night swims usually followed by a room service snack. We found ourselves shaking our heads a lot during these fourteen days! lol.
The Oasis has a beautiful solarium area for passengers sixteen years and older. It has a wonderful restaurant in the center that offers healthy food choices and welcomes all ages to come inside to eat, which we did several times - delicious!
The solarium was also our "go to" spot for nuts and raisins to snack on while relaxing poolside! What a life!
The Aquatheatre was one of our favorite areas on the Oasis! Entertainment included the international "not to be missed" belly flop competition! "Dreams" and "Splish Splash" were superb productions of talented swimmers and divers! Ava and Claire always arrived an hour early to secure their front row seats in the splash zone! Oh to be a kid again! lol. The Aquatheatre also served as a movie theatre at night! 
The Oasis was even more beautiful at night when all "lit up!" There was always a flurry of activity out and about the ship with parades, balloons and shopping!
The Opal Theatre was the setting for the forever popular stage production of CATS and it was FANTASTIC and so professionally done - amazing talent! "Come Fly With Me" was a showcase of top notch acrobats and was another FANTASTIC production in the Opal Theatre! The headliners were great and entertaining with so much talent! Ava and Claire looked so forward to the shows at night and were always front row as you can see in the pictures!
We especially enjoyed the "On Air" lounge for the super talented superstar passenger karaoke! The talent was undeniably present on this cruise and the girls were always front row!
Ava and Claire loved going to the Sabor Restaurant and it quickly became their favorite place to eat! Park Cafe had a great salad and roast beef sandwich! We had no complaints with any of the food or service. It was all good all fourteen days!
The girls had so much fun staying busy on the Oasis that we only got off twice during the fourteen day cruise. We got off at Cozumel, grabbed a taxi and went straight to one of our favorites - Paradise Beach! We paid $48 and obtained our bracelets and were provided with chairs and umbrellas at the beach, use of the pool which was so refreshing, use of clean bathrooms and showers and all of the water trampolines/toys! The girls spent a couple of hours climbing, bouncing, jumping and swimming! We then had chips, salsa, guacamole and drinks in their outdoor restaurant. We enjoyed the pool an hour or so and then caught a taxi back home to the Oasis! I highly recommend Paradise Beach when in Cozumel!
We also got off at Royal Caribbean's private island, lovely Labadee! The workers work so hard to provide the passengers with a pleasant and comfortable day on Labadee! They provided us with a picnic style barbecued lunch with several dining areas complete with drinks, fruits and desserts! There was an abundance of lounge chairs scattered under the shaded areas. It felt really hot in the sun but it was fine in the shade. Labadee is beautiful and makes for a great beach day!
We head back to the ship via the escalator - yes the Oasis is that large and has everything imaginable! 
As I look over these pictures and remember all the tiny little details that makes an experience a memory, my cup runneth over with happiness. It was a busy fourteen days but oh sooo much fun! I hope that one day they will enjoy reading "my story" to their children as much as I have enjoyed living it and reminiscing when blogging! We love and adore them so much and cherish our travels with them!


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